Agent Program


    We can’t do it all ourselves and we look for other like-minded professionals to help grow our business.  We look to develop a sales and support partnership with our agents and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship.  We are not going to compete with you. Our focus is razor sharp and we’re not looking to expand beyond our core competencies of phone systems and collaboration.  Unlike our competitors, we will not invade your accounts; period.

    Let’s build relationships together.  If you think that we can help each other, we’d like to hear from you.


    Our Focus is razor sharp. Our expertise is phone systems and collaboration.  We are good at what we do and we are not interested in expanding into your territory.

     Our Expertise is vast.  Our 20+ years of communications experience will prove invaluable to you and your customers.

     We will help Expand your core business. We take the time to understand your focus and play an active role in helping you uncover new opportunity.

    Customer Choice. Our focus is narrow, but our product lines are deep and can address just about any scenario.

    Unparalleled Support We are dedicated to the relationships we build with our agents and will go above and beyond to assist you and your clients.

    For any inquiries regarding our Agent Program, please use the contact form below or contact us directly at (484) 653-5550

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